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About Us

Siam Industrial Wire is the one of the world’s leading steel wire makers. We are relentless in our pursuit for excellence in product quality and innovation. We take pride in being able to anticipate your needs and provide tailored solutions for each of your requirements. We strive to exceed expectations.

For over twenty years, we have continued to manufacture high quality steel wire with annual production capacity of 250,000 metric tonnes making us ASEAN’s largest manufacturer. Siam Industrial Wire is the vital partner of many construction masterpieces across the globe. Our products are accepted worldwide for the construction of bridges, stadiums, high-rises, airport runways, LNG tanks and many more. Our products and processes conform to global standards and are accredited by countless international institutes.

We provide world-class support, training, and consultations worldwide through our established network of global partners. As a business, we understand the importance of the people working with and within Siam Industrial Wire. Relationships come second to none at Siam Industrial Wire and that is why we are committed to build a culture where work and life are in harmony. Our employee programs help everyone realize their life goals and develop fulfilling career paths within the company.

We are part of the Tata Global Wires Business, one of the largest steel wire manufacturers in the world.